Primary care internal medicine doctor at Katy

February 10, 2020

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Primary care and Internal Medicine Doctor at Katy 


Primary care is a term that describes the first point of contact a patient has with the health system when he or she has a non-emergency health issue. Primary care is the most used of all health systems. Primary care is usually provided by general practitioners ( Internal Medicine / Family Medicine).


Deciding for an internal medicine physician?

Your internal medicine physician plays a very important role in your healthcare and would be your first point of contact if you have any health issues. This explains why you should take your time to choose someone whom you are comfortable with, someone with whom you have an honest relationship.

It is important that you choose a doctor who pays attention to your concerns, gives detailed explanations about any inquiries you may have, anticipates your problems, and shows you respect.  He or she should allow you to ask your questions and offer simple answers – answers that you can easily comprehend.

It is also important that you choose a board-certified internist. This means that he or she has been trained after medical school and excelled in an examination certifying him or her as a specialist in their field.



How should you relate to your primary care provider?

Primary Care offers comprehensive and ongoing general clinical care. It is important that you develop and maintain a good relationship with your primary care provider. By doing so, you can feel confident around a medical professional when you have health issues.

The following tips will help you to maintain a good relationship with your primary healthcare provider:

  • Keep information about your medical history handy and pass it to your care provider whenever the need arises.
  • Be willing to share vital (and sensitive) information with your care provider, as they will keep it confidential unless you instruct otherwise.
  • Prepare for consultation visits by documenting your medications, symptoms, and other care providers you may be visiting. This information will be required by your primary care provider.

Annual physicals

Routine check-ups.

Screening tests

Personal counseling


If you’ve been looking for primary care internal medicine physicians at Katy, TX, let’s meet with our experienced board-certified primary Care Internal Medicine doctor and primary care physician for personalized health care programs. We offer expert compassionate care from a new, independent, family-run, family-friendly clinic. 

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