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Lifecare Primary Medical Associates, PLLC. is conveniently located at Katy, TX and serving patients from Katy and greater Houston area. A well-experienced team is here for Comprehensive Preventive Medical Examination and Personal Wellness Plan. At  Lifecare Katy, we provide assessments, prevent, treat, and diagnose illness and injuries and help patients manage chronic illness.  We believe in helping people feel better through quality family healthcare.

How To Find Us in Katy, TX: 

We are located at  633 E Fernhurst Dr suite 202. Katy, TX 77450.  Call us at 281-712-7757 to confirm your appointment. 

Your primary care needs. Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases

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Dr. Samira Khan is board-certified in Internal Medicine. She is a strong advocate of Preventive Medicine. Tanveer Khan, MPAS, PA-C is certified by National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistant (NCCPA) and Licensed by Texas Medical Board (TMB).

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The benefits of annual checkup for your health, the prime concern for Family Physician in Katy.


Lifecare Primary would like to share some general information for reference only when it is a concern for Family Physician in Katy to do an annual check-up and regular health care consultation.

Health is a condition of full physical, emotional, and societal well – being, not only the lack of illness or incapacity. Nowadays, as individuals become more aware and empowered of their personal, a century earlier, people visited their doctor mostly when they were sick or dying. Health, preventive health care is becoming prevalent. People are looking for medical advice on how to grow up with a better and healthier lifestyle. They seek to reduce their threat of numerous conditions or diseases by sustaining a nutritious diet, weight, and exercise amount.

These checks could be carried out quarterly, twice a year, or annually. These screening tests can help patients detect certain illnesses or diseases that you may be in danger of. Doctors are also asking patients to get regular checkups to help them stay on top of their wellness. They emphasize the significance of prevention to reduce the percentage of patients needing a medical diagnosis or multiple surgeries.

We appreciate your consultation with Family Physician in Katy, TX for regular health care. Annual checkups can help you enhance the opportunities for treatment and enable you to discover a cure more appropriately. Annual health checkups are extremely important even though they help to recognize potential complications at an initial phase. By finding the right health care services, screenings, and diagnosis, you are going to take major steps towards a more extended, healthy lifestyle.

Significance of annual medical checkups:

Maintenance of your health: 

Health testing may be a routine visit to your physician in Katy, but these regular visits may be of paramount significance to trying to maintain health.

Such screening tests help you analyze your well – being and enable you to diagnose any possible future problems that may arise. Such regular checkups are an excellent method to help you recognize any illnesses or issues that may occur in your infancy, trying to make your diagnosis much simpler.


Early diagnosis of the diseases:

There are also certain very dangerous diseases, and their development can not be controlled very easily until the patient gets routine medical checks. This makes it essential that you get daily medical screening to ensure that you really do not skip out on any life-threatening disorders. This is much more essential if you possess a lifestyle that leaves you vulnerable to health complications. Health checks are not only physical checks from the physician; they can require monitoring in the form of blood testing and other examinations.


Improvement of the doctor-patient relationship: 

Annual checkups are the perfect way to improve your doctor-patient relationship and allow the doctor better to understand the patient and his illness’s historiography. Another advantage of your annual physical activity is the relationship you will build with your doctor. If you have a health problem, you can have a physician (and a physician’s staff) who already recognizes and cares for you — and you can hopefully be treated earlier.


The advantages of routine checkups involve:

  • Decrease the possibility of getting ill.
  • I am detecting life-threatening medical problems or illnesses early.
  • Increase the likelihood of recovery and treatment.
  • Restrict the possibility of complications by close monitoring of current conditions.
  • Increase life expectancy and enhance health.
  • Decrease health insurance expenses over time, eliminating expensive emergency treatment.
  • Develop a strong relationship with the physician so that treatment will be more effective.
  • Get up – to – date on new medical knowledge or technology accessible.
  • Being well – informed regarding your own health.


Precautionary Wellness Checklist for Adults with the consultation of Family Physician Katy TX. 


  • Well – visited quarterly (annually)
  • Background of the family
  • Blood Pressure
  • Index of body mass (BMI)
  • Physical test
  • Preventive examination of
  • Advising
  • Cancer test (as prescribed):
  • Colorectal
  • Breasts (women)
  • Testicular and uterus (men)
  • Cervical (women)
  • Skin
  • Sensory examination
  • Trying to listen to me (only when symptoms appear)
  • Eyesight
  • Immune System
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria (T dap)
  • Influenza
  • Pneumococcal
  • MMR’s
  • Panleukopenia
  • Variantella
  • Shengles
  • Human Papillomaa virus (HPV)
  • Hepatitis A
  • Chronic Hepatitis
  • Type B Haemophilus flu


What is it about preventative medicine?


Preventive medicine is also significant when it comes to family health issue. Getting personal health care professional enables, you to get medical care. Approved immunizations and testing procedures must be carried out at periods and frequency as prescribed by your physician on the Annual Health Inspection.


Where to go for regular health checkups:


Take note of your health and arrange a consultation with the Lifecare Primary Medical PLLC Katy, TX . Lifecare Primary Medical PLLC Katy, TX is located in Katy is primary care institution commonly regarded for providing adequate care to the entire extended family. 


In addition, they provide prevention and care for numerous conditions with severe symptoms, including sinus infections, strep throat, and coughs. You may also depend on that to treat all your acute health care problems, including asthma, high cholesterol, obesity, and much more.

 A healthier mind and body is something which they always take into consideration. It is just a little bit of focus on our side, and good health is not too far beyond what one envisions. Keeping healthy is just as often about eating well and exercising as it is about being checked frequently by a health care provider. Daily checkups are a perfect way to keep up to date with whatever you can do to maintain your health and decrease your chance of illness.

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